For The Love Of LEGO

I’ve always loved LEGO‘s. As a child I would play with them for hours, creating all manner of fantastic construction.

Maddie at a recent LEGO exhibit.
Maddie at a recent LEGO exhibit.

When I became a dad to a little baby girl, I never would have imagined that, in a few years, we would be playing together with those same LEGO’S! (literally – I had my collection stored in our garage). It is such a thrill to see my daughter building her fanciful houses and cars out of the very same plastic blocks that I once held in my small, boyish hands. There is something deeply satisfying about it, as if we are part of some natural cycle in a LEGO universe.

It is even more surprising to me because, well, she’s a girl. Strangely enough, the notion that girls play with dolls and boys build with blocks has only increased in credibility the more I learn about the parenting world. I thought the phrase “boys will be boys” was just an empty, lazy explanation. But I’m finding out that it’s TRUE…boys WILL be boys and girls WILL be girls. There are inherent patterns of behavior for both sexes. And so, yes, my daughter’s room is PINK…it’s cute, it’s girly, and it’s pink. There is some truth behind the stereotypes and it has been a little disappointing to my liberal mindset, a sad recognition that perhaps my parents were right, and their parents before them, and that much of what I’m about to write has already been written. *sigh*

Maddie's creation
Maddie's creation

But now maybe you can see why I am so excited that Maddie loves LEGO’S! I am thrilled beyond belief that we share a love of building and playing. My creations now are more conservative and refined, hers are chaotic and spectacular.

Maybe someday I’ll build her a LEGO house, and we’ll talk over a LEGO phone about how much we adore LEGO’s.

Or maybe she’ll just move on to something else, like Princess Barbie, and she’ll forget all about her LEGO days…until we open that dusty box in the garage…and then we’ll both smile.

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