Stories by Maddie

(transcribed by me)

1. It was funny when Grandma Gerry’s dog Molly went up the stairs and all the doors were closed so she couldn’t go anywhere. [cue laugh track]

2. My grandma got me a book and all the pages were blank because you were supposed to make your own book. So my mommy and daddy started writing the words and I told them what to write. And I’m still working on it. And that’s it!

3. When I was on the computer I found a button and I clicked on it. I didn’t know where it went to. It went to a carnival and when I played all the games on one level I got to build a new ride at the carnival. When the spinner went to a ride and I clicked on it that’s the new ride I got.

4. One time when I woke up my mother wasn’t there and my dad told me she went to my cousin’s house. They were having a new baby and his mom wasn’t there and his dad had to go to work and my mom was his aunt. That’s all!

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