It’s Official – Spring Is Here!

Aaaaah, springtime! It’s finally here!

And how do I know this, you might ask? How do I really know?

Did a bluejay happily alight upon my shoulder, whistling a tune from Song of the South?

Or perhaps Maddie being home for Spring Break this week is enough reason to give one pause?

Maybe I can attribute it to the itchy feeling I have every time I see piles of stuff in the garage, waiting to be sorted.

All excellent clues to the fact that springtime is definitely upon us.

But no, what really gave it away, what really pronounced it and made it official, was when I brought the girls out into our backyard. Thus began a 2 hour frenzy of play, fueled by weeks upon weeks of being stuck indoors, where every outdoor toy we own was awoken from its’ hibernation. My oh My What a Wonderful Day!!

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