Moving On Up

Maddie is graduating Kindergarten today! Yay!

Or, should I say, she will be ‘advancing’ to the next grade level.

She will be ascending the great academic ladder, trading in her letter K for a number 1, and moving from a half day to a full day. It is a proud and happy moment for us all, ripe with possibility.

In the course of one short school year she has become an honest-to-god, thinking, breathing, independent little person. Her brain is a buzz with new information, skills and knowledge. She has made new friends and has adjusted beautifully to her new school. Truly, it is all so very inspiring!

I know people say this all the time, but it really does seem like it was only yesterday when we initially parted with our girl, leaving her in the care of others, oh so temporarily. And, just as we were concerned parents back then during those timid first days of preschool, so were we nervous and wide-eyed during her first days of Kindergarten. There I am, driving her to school, then walking her up to the classroom door, checking her backpack, then placing her in line along with all the other giggling and excited children. Stepping back, I  join the other line of  giggling, excited parents.

And so will we always be there for her, her mother and I, maybe not literally standing outside her classroom door, but there in spirit, at every transition in her life and all the moments in between, as she dances her way through life.

I just hope we can keep up.

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