The Tale of Radicchio

This is really a post about a Short Story Contest I entered recently, and not much about parenting at all, unless you consider the subject of my entry, which is about a father who must decide between his two sons.

I’m using this space to share that story, until I create a blog dedicated to my writing, which this is, only it’s on one subject. Nowadays I post all of my parenting tidbits on Facebook, and so, unfortunately, this blog has seen little action in the past few years. And probably half the links don’t work now. Pathetic, really.

Anyhow, the contest is the 9th Annual Short Story Challenge 2015 by NYC Midnight. We were given one week to write a story based on random prompts. Mine were: genre: fairytale, subject: pollution, main character: woodworker.

So here is my entry, The Tale of Radicchio, based on The Adventures of Pinocchio. It’s a little modern, and a little dark (as most fairytales are), but hopefully leaves you with a little hope.

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