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this is an experiment in thought, an exploration of fatherhood, a place of random fun where hard, cool facts and feelings of mortality can mingle and dance with the cosmos, where we can all wonder what it means to be human and, in particular, what it means to be a DAD.

about the author

For me, this journey officially began October 1, 2005 at 6:12pm. That’s when my wife Tina gave birth to our daughter, Madeleine Susan Newman. That’s also when I said, “Wow!”, and “Ewww, gross…”, and “Is that really the head?”, which I felt summed up nicely the many thoughts that raced across my mind at that moment, one of which was the grand realization that I had become, and would be known from this day forward, as: Dad.

I am currently a full-time, stay-at-home dad, and also don the following guises from time to time: graphic designer, architect, teacher, artist, writer, husband, friend, son, brother, magician, joker, fat head, and wise guy.

See my interview in The Chronicle.

Our brand new baby girl! Juliet Ann, born November 28, 2009.

Here she is, little Maddie Sue, born October 1, 2005.

Here’s my wife, Tina. She’s the one on the right. She’s a Child Development Specialist and Associate Professor in the Human Development Department at Cal State University East Bay. I like her.

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  1. Mike Becker says:


    You found me on my blog(daddoesthedishes.blogspot.com). Replied to your comments about the books we wrote. You generously volunteered to plug the books. Wanted to send you a set for doing that. Also wanted to see if I could get listed on your favorite dadda blogs. I have listed you on mine.

    Mike Becker

    1. goo goo dadda says:

      Hi Mike-

      Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received your books in the mail and really enjoyed them. I’ve posted them on my site. With my HUGE readership of about 10, hopefully the word will spread. Best of luck! I’ve also listed you on my blogroll.


  2. Nathan Bright says:

    As a fellow stay-at-home dad, I’d like to say greetings.

    I’m writing to ask your consideration in helping me promote a children’s book I just published titled “Maddi Patti and Her Stay-at-Home Daddy.” Targeted to 2-5year olds, it follows the daily goings-on between a little girl and her stay-at-home.

    I worked hard to accomplish a realistic view of what happens during the course of the day – in a whimsical, cartoony way… not in a bumbling, “Mr. Mom” way. I’m proud of the end result, and more importantly, my 2 year old daughter loves the brightly colored, happy characters and the story.

    The book is paperback, 20 pages long and in full color. The cost is $10.99 and only available through online ordering.

    Admittedly I’m new to the book marketing scene. My goal is not to sell a million copies, but to possibly give an AHD, his child(ren), and spouse a relatable option for storytime. If you would like more information or could offer constructive criticism/advice/suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    The book link is:

    Thank you for your time and consideration!
    Nathan Bright
    AHD since 2007
    ph: 636-208-5456

  3. UnMap Projectrob says:

    Hey, I think you’d appreciate my blog, http://wandermonster.com Every day of school, from kindergarten through second grade, I have sent my son off with a sticky note fixed to the inside lid of his lunchbox. Each of these little pieces of colored paper bears a half-completed drawing and a half-written story. I anxiously await picking him up after school to see how he finishes these miniature comics. We’ll continue posting them here at Wandermonster as long as we keep making them. If you want to know more this interview should do the trick: http://getdaddysomegin.com/?p=274

    I have just published an article on creative parenting in the July issue of How Magazine: http://prattcomd.com/blog/2011/6/prof-rob-kimmel-published-july-2011-issue-how-magazine/

    and we were featured as a “Modern Dad” for Ohdeedad Week on Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedah blog:

    Please check it out!


    Rob Kimmel

  4. Caitlin Soul says:

    Hi David, I was sent to your site by your dad. He comes to see me for massage therapy a couple times a month and is always excited to talk about the work you do!

    I understand you are busy with your work and most importantly daddyhood. However, I still wanted to try and connect with you about web building.

    If you have time I’d love to speak with you. If you are available I can offer massage therapy as trade for some advice and a little assistance.

    Thanks for your time.
    Caitlin Soul

    1. goo goo dadda says:

      Hi Caitlin-

      Thanks for the message! And thanks for helping out my dad. It sounds like he is feeling better these days.

      I would love to talk about some possible trade.

      You can reach me on my cell @ 510-604-4902.



  5. tommy riles says:

    Hi David,

    Great site, man! I can’t offer you a massage, like above, but I did want to introduce myself..

    I’m Tommy, and the creator of LifeofDad.com, the first true social network for fathers. My wife and I have two young kids, and I’m also the audience warm-up comic for the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    Anyway, after checking out GooGooDadda, I wanted to see if you wanted to become involved with my site. You can build a virtual man cave (user profile) by going to http://lifeofdad.com/join

    After that, if interested, we could chat about having some of your content featured more frequently. I see you haven’t posted in a little bit…maybe I can help light that fire again?

    Either way, I hope to connect with you in the man caves soon. Please send any questions at all my way.

    -Tommy Riles (tom@lifeofdad.com)

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